THE REPORT “Parental Alienation in the UK”

NAAP Revised Report

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“Parental Alienation in the UK”

We are aware that there are a few glitches but this is the first draft and additions and amendments may be made prior to the meeting on the 8th March 2018.

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NAAP Revised Report

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Wednesday 7th March 2018
House of Commons

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One thought on “THE REPORT “Parental Alienation in the UK”

  1. Parent Alienation is not a mere theory developed by a father or a mother. It does exist, the consequences are huge and the government has to act as quick as possible for the sake of our children.
    I have been alienated from my two precious children for 11 months. I don’t know where they are, how they are or if they are still in the country.
    Based on false allegations, the social service and the mother moved the children away.
    After i had little access to the social worker assessment I realised how serious the accusations are. The worst thing was to see how the social worker helped the ex misleading the assessment.
    My case is one of many I have seen and heard.

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