Parent alinatiining & stopping contact.

Nigel Moore

Hi everyone I am new to this forum, I have not written anything about what I am going through or my experiences apart from personal letters, diary notes which I keep for records.
I am am a father It started from when my son was young before his 2nd birthday in 2010 when the relationship ended she stopped me from seeing my son. Naturally I got a solicitor & applied to the court for access, however because she made false altergations it delayed what should of been straight forward access rights. Because of this I did not get to see my son for over a year until eventually I was granted visitation rights of 2hrs every week in a contact centre where I was monitored. She still failed more than half of those contact sessions excuses saying he was always unwell eventually the contact centre saw the continued pattern & after a further year I was eventually awarded contact every other week for one day.
Contact increased and I am now suppose to have my son every Sunday with stay over every other Sat-Sun but in 2016 she stopped the overnight access & also since 2015 stops contact for months at a time! She will even stop contact at the start of a new relationship and quickly introduces my son this has happened 4 times until things go bad and then ironically I get to see him again so basically I get out of my sons life when it suits her. My sons begs to come over and see me but his mum is like no one you have ever met!! Completely controlling and narocistic, Because I am easy going & laid back nature I remain polite & cooperative at all times always follow her instructions regarding our sons needs as he has ADHD so diets,foods, film material ect.. But dispute this she now uses this as another excuse for me not to see him often accusing me of things I haven’t even done including miss informing the school ect.. Trust me you really won’t believe what I have to go through but what concerns me the most is my son is now 10yrs old she has again stopped contact over 3 months now, continues to speak ill of me & continues to lie about me I need serious intervention with this spiteful person please HELP any advice would be much appreciated.

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