What will we do

1. A helpline for parents to offer advice, guidance and signposting regarding parental alienation
2. A website which will provide forums for discussion, guidance and a complete resource center
3. Lobbying power, in which we will collectively target those who should better serve the needs of our families.
4. Media representation so that our voices are heard more loudly and are more clearly articulated.
5. A think tank which produces proposals for how to help our families.

We know that we are the healthy future for our children and we want our ideas to be respected and heard

Who will we work with

Our key partnerships will be with those who already properly represent parental alienation in the UK, including the European Association of Parental Practitioners.  We believe that in line with internationally recognised practice with alienated families, alienated parents working in partnership with practitioners who fully understand the issues our families face, is the way forward to create change.
We will also partner with existing lobby groups to add our voices to the increasing demands for change in this arena.  We believe that it is no longer acceptable for bodies such as CAFCASS to routinely allow the erasure of parents from their children’s lives.  We will increase the pressure on government to listen to our voices and through us, the needs of our children.  We will work with all groups who seek the same outcome as us, fundamental change in the way parental alienation is assessed and treated in families in the family court and root and branch change in the way that ancillary services such as social work, support us.