Throwing open the opaque doors of the family courts

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Guidance to staff on supporting media access to courts and tribunals

Apart from an occasional juicy fat cat divorce the family courts do not seem to attract much press or media attention. Furthermore, apart from the Royal Courts of Justice, the glare of publicity never arrives. Consequently judges, lawyers and social workers have an arrogance and swagger that comes from years of lurking in the shadows with the impunity that brings.
It often surprises folk to learn that there is indeed a presumption in favour of ‘card crrying’ press access to the family courts.
Surely we have some reporters out there who are personnally touched by the family courts and enough so to want to start shining a light on a brand of arbitrary justice that our schools tell us was outlawed by magna carta?
Please get in touch if you would like to be signposted towards some truly incredible proceedings. You and your readers will not believe it!!
The link to Jurisdictional guidance to support media access to courts and tribunals in the Family courts is contained in the annex to this guidance.

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