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Unless you can be confident that your heart is in good shape then PLEASE AVOID READING THIS JUDGMENT.

It made us feel very angry that judges can be so comfortably cocooned from the outside world, so utterly oblivious to 200 years of jurisprudence and 18 years of recent caselaw, public debate and no small amount of controversy.

Never have we felt so completely convinced that NAAP has not been formed a minute too soon.

Dr Steven Miler has written a great deal about errors in decision making especially in cases featuring parentally alienating behaviours and parent / child relationship severance. It’s a great shame that neither of the judges in this case appear to have ever read Dr Miller’s excellent advise BEFORE being allowed to make life altering decisions that will echo in a child’s life and 50 % of the child’s DNA for many years to come.

HHJ Cohen considers that overt and highly alienating behaviours pale into insignificance compared with the sress of ongoing litigation. The judge seems to neglect a few basic points that we will be discussing in an article shortly.

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