Last day to register for PA conference call with Dr Bone and Dr Evans


On Sunday, March 11th at 8 PM EDT, Dr. Michael Bone and Dr. Robert Evans will be our guest speakers for our international support conference call. This call is devoted to the problem of the education – or the lack of education – of professionals regarding parental alienation. Many of you are going through litigation. Some unfortunately have attorneys and other professionals who know little to nothing on the subject of alienation. Many of you are going pro se on your cases. This is absolutely a call you will want to be on.

Our calls are of no charge to anyone. We now have 26 countries who participate in these calls. We offer free call in info for all of you. Also if you prefer, we offer Skype as well. We have different speakers every month and their expertise may fall in line to your question if not any for this call. You must register for the call no later than Saturday, March 10th. These must be a firm deadline and you have much time to register by then. We will be out of town on Sunday not returning until right before the call. I will be out of pocket and unable to help you. Please take care of your registration asap. Thank you much. I also encourage you to invite professionals you are dealing with to attend this call. It will be of much benefit to them as well. To register, please email Also please share this post on all your social media sites as well as with other alienated family members. Thanks again!

Dr Bone works primarily in a consultative capacity all across the United States and Canada, advising attorneys and parents and grandparents in the furtherance of their cases in court. Dr Evans performs expert testimony and does comprehensive evaluations focused on parental alienation all over the United States. In addition to their normal endeavors, Drs Evans and Bone co-founded the National Association of Parental Alienation Specialists ( The purpose of this organization is to educate attorneys and mental health professionals in all areas of parental alienation. We have often found that those who should understand parental alienation – forensic psychologists appointed by courts, and Family Law attorneys – do not. Due to this, great miscarriages of justice within the Family Law area are not only common, but largely predictable. This call draws from this course.

Additionally, Drs Bone and Evans will be addressing the role of self representation or pro se representation during this call. As more and more parents end up, at some point, representing themselves due to the backbreaking financial demands of attorney representation, this topic will be addressed and interwoven throughout the entire call. If one is representing oneself, it is all the more important to be the most informed person in the courtroom about parental alienation.

Below is an outline of just some of the topics touched upon:

How Can This Happen: the counterintuitive nature of parental alienation
The Science of Misperception: Part I
Attachment Theory and PA
Defining Parental Alienation
Parenting: healthy and parentally alienated
How is it that Children can describe things that never occurred: what the research shows
How Memory works: Steven Ceci’s work and does not work
The power of parental attachment and the irrationality of alienation
A Brief History of how parental alienation has evolved
The Science of Misperception Part 2: the work of Elizabeth Loftus and false memories
Prevalence of PA ranging from 20% to 60%
Gender prevalence for alienating parents
Pathological Parenting and PA
History of PA from the 19th century to the present
The Lucifer Effect: how good people can do bad things and the research of Phillip Zimbardo
The empirically validated 17 alienating behaviors of alienating parents
Brainwashing techniques used by alienating parents
When children lie under pressure
National Abuse statistics and what they mean
Detection of PA
The progressive course of PA
Assessing Abuse allegations: false and actual
Relationship deterioration in the progression of PA
The alienated child’s fear of the alienating parent
Levels of Severity of PA
The 8 symptoms of PA
Estrangement vs Alienation
Bias and identifying it
Consequences of PA
Treatment Programs
Why conventional therapy does not work
Current Programs for PA
Strategic considerations for lawyers
Representing the Alienating Parent: Ethical considerations
Representing the Targeted Parent: Exposing the alienation
The various roles of various experts in PA cases
Critiquing misguided evaluations and evaluators
Critiquing misguided guardians

It is our hope that this call will provide assistance to you in dealing with parental alienation and grand parental alienation.

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