PRESS RELEASE – Lost children after divorce –“Childhood emotional harm with lifelong consequences when losing a parent”

Whilst the issue of acrimony and child contact issues between divorcing couples has been a feature of the news headlines for years, and the odd celebrity couples divorce making front page news, most people yawn and think that there’s no smoke without fire or that both parents are the cause or problem. The term parental alienation has been hitting the headlines more frequently, this is where one parent prevents, obstructs or turns a child against the other parent.

Whilst we can look at this through an adult understanding, no one has yet to speak up for the children involved in these cases. So why now?

The National Association of Alienated Parents (NAAP) was created to address the rights of children in these cases, because the research demonstrates that these children suffer clear emotional harm and have the worst outcomes of any child that experiences divorce. That is why four parents who have lost a relationship with their children through parental alienation decided to set up NAAP with the focus being that “no child chooses to lose a parent”.

Stepping aside from the parental rights movement and gender issues, NAAP focuses on the rights of children to have a loving relationship with both parents after divorce or separation. Just four parents with no budget, they have formed a helpline, and a national report from experts in this subject which has been sent to every MP, social services department, government department and minister, contact centre, school and more. But why? Well to educate everyone about the well-researched issue, the size of the problem and to create a national conversation. This culminates in the official launch on Wednesday 7th March 2018 at the House of Commons with key expert speakers in the field addressing and audience of multidisciplinary professionals, parents and MP’s about the emotional harm suffered by children in these cases.

Director Peter said “ For too long now, children have suffered and perfectly fit parents, who have done nothing wrong have been denied a relationship with their children for no other reason than the other parent has not wanted this to happen”

Liz Archer, a psychotherapist working with these issues in family court said “ The psychological harm suffered by children is clear to see, and the parents often causing this have a learnt or childhood psychological pattern that causes them to behave in this way. It is a mental health issue, but a lack of education and training by the professionals involved means that children and parents suffer the loss of a relationship which has a profound impact. The sad reality is the scale of the issue and the research evidence is that this is likely to be repeated in the next generation when these children become parents themselves with the associated impact on their emotional and psychological health makes this a public health issue”

As the founder of D.A.D.S and co-founder of NAAP,  Parents Adviser and Children’s Advocate Andrew John Teague says  ‘’During 18 months of campaigning throughout the UK, we have been putting the ideas to reality, namely the public report, and on many other levels. Over 18 months, I have had to deal with 107 people suicidal, parents fighting to be parents, children forgotten, as many behind the family courts favour the aligned parent, the unhealthy attachment from which stems the false allegations and fabrications to get legal aid in order to gain the ground in family court. Many targeted parents lose so much including the contact with their children and in some cases feel the only thing they are left with is the shirt on their back. A big part of our campaign has been #shirtoffourbackday.  Many cases on average take 2 to 3 years to reach a conclusion, most of which aren’t satisfactory to many of the people involved. Just over 18 months ago, I made the vow to fight for the forgotten children and through this, 4 alienated parents got together and formed NAAP -National Association of Alienated Parents, brought together by the tragic circumstances to challenge the system, process and methodology behind the secret family court doors to eradicate Parental Alienation. The NAAP Report link is below and all who fed into it from the idea I had 15 months ago to the reality today. Bringing much needed change to the UK and the rest of the world’’.

Thank you. Andrew John Teague, Peter Davies, Elizabeth Archer, Linda Turner and a special thank you to Karen Woodall and all who contributed to the report.

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