Professional Membership for Family Court Professionals

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The AFCC (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts) is an international membership body that supports multi-disciplinary professionals working in Family Courts. They run conferences and provide access to publications, research, webinars and forums. The AFCC held their UK launch event on the 14th February 2018 and NAAP was there.

Cafcass appear to have recently latched on to this resource and attended some of the conferences last year. Apparently, this resource has been used to formulate the basis for a number of the new pilots that Cafcass are currently running. We don’t know which resources Cafcass have chosen because the details of Cafcass proposed ‘High Conflict Pathway’ and ‘positive parenting programme’ are yet to be unleashed upon taxpayers although we understand that a carefully selected audience of ‘stakeholders’ will be consulted informally shortly. The only details Cafcass have let on are that their pilots are based upon ‘emerging research’. Presumably the pathway will therefore also be based upon an ‘emerging evidence base’. If, as appears to be the case, Cafcass are desperately rushing to find research to justify their ethos instead of adapting their ethos in the light of research and findings then I’m afraid that it is a case of more of the same from the organisation charged with the statutory safeguarding responsibility for safeguarding children in the family courts.

NAAP followers could be as informed as Cafcass policy makers by subscribing to the same resources for as little as £25 for a year of student membership.

The AFCCC are hosting a webinar by Michael Saini, PhD, entitled ‘An Evidence-Informed Approach to Parental Alienation’ between 1pm – 2pm Eastern Time on March 14, 2018.

We will be commenting upon the webinar soon afterwards.



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